The gastronomy of Majorca

The Mediterranean culture has one of its greatest exponents in the Balearic archipelago and especially in the island of Majorca. Due to its strategic location, it has been a crossing and settlement point for numerous civilisations throughout history.  This mixture and interrelationship has resulted in an important heritage, especially in gastronomy.  The varieties of climates and land, the location in the Mediterranean basin and the insularity factor have favoured the Balearic Islands with an important heritage in agrobiodiversity.  Although while evolving from a farming community into a service-based society many of these varieties have gotten lost, the traditional Majorcan recipe book is still an exhibition of this heritage.

Visiting any of the members of the Association of Rural Country Tourism is a great opportunity to complement a unique vacation with the best Majorcan gastronomy and local products.  Pastries and desserts such as the ensaimada to start the day with a great breakfast.  Traditional meals that include lamb and suckling pig, such as the frito mallorquín. Symbols of another age, when need forced ingenuity, such as the sopa mallorquina, a recipe which took advantage of hard bread and seasonal vegetables and turned it into a delicious, healthy meal. Not to mention starters essential to the island´s gastronomy such as the trempó, a typical summer salad of onion, green pepper and tomato or cold meat such as the famous sobrasada.

la-gastronomia-mallorquina-y-su-producto-local, the gastronomy of Majorca

To get to know the most authentic and traditional side of Campos and Majorca implies sampling their most typical dishes, to experiment a way of life where the land and its resources were the focus.