Rural trails and cycling routes in Campos

Campos is home to an important and rich rural heritage regarding historic and ethnographic elements tied to a community, the campanera. This community was especially agricultural until the emergence of tourism a few decades ago.  The best way to get to know and to enjoy this legacy is with the cycling routes in Campos which consist of more than 50 kilometres of rural trails all throughout the town.  Different itineraries go by dry stone walls, agricultural fields and the characteristic mills.  Until recently these mills were crucial for irrigated agriculture in this part of Majorca, and they are now inseparable elements from the Campos scenery.

Rural tours throughout the town of Campos

  • Volta des Revellar: Paved rural road, 5-10 kilometres long, in good condition.
  • Rutamar: Paved bike path, 11 kilometres long, in very good condition
  • Volta des ametllers: Paved rural road, 5-10 kilometres long, in good condition.
  • Ruta de Sa Barrala: Secondary road, 15 kilometres long with stretches of rural road.
  • Ruta de Sant Blai: Paved rural road, 2.6 kilometres long, in good condition
  • Volta des Palmer: Paved rural road, 3 kilometres long, in good condition
  • Ruta des Salobrar: Dirt road, 3 kilometres long, not suitable for delicate tires.


There is a marked route which goes past 30 restored mills. Their locations are marked on different signs that the user comes across during the route. An alternative to rural hiking is to go cycling, taking advantage of the bike path.  It goes through Campos and Sa Rápita, from where it is possible to observe various defense towers which date back to the XIII century, such as Son CosmetSon Lladonet, Son Durí and Son Catlar. Right next to the Possessió de Son Catlar an old waterwhell can be spotted next to the bike path.  This waterwheel is one of the few that functioned in Campos and it has been restored.