Es Trenc Salobrar Natural Park

Es Trenc-Salobrar Natural Park  is a large wetland area of 1.500 hectares in the municipality of Campos.  Without doubt, it is one of the most virgin and best conserved areas of the island of Majorca.  A protected area known for its stunning landscape and environmental value which includes two of the best beaches of the island: Es Trenc and Ses Covetes.

The place was declared Natural Area of Special Interest in 1984 and, currently, the Es Trenc-Salobrar National Park includes different areas with diverse landscapes and climatic conditions. First of all, we come across the three-kilometer-long virgin beach of Es Trenc. Then, we will come across a dynamic ecosystem formed by different stretches of dunes whose vegetation is adapted to excess winds. This ecosystem includes herbs such as milk thistle, bushes such as the mountain germander and pine, savin and tamarind trees. The extensive wetland of Salobrar is of great ecological importance and it contains up to 171 species of migratory and settled birds.  The wetland ends with the Salt Mine d´Es Trenc, containing impressive cultural and ethnographic heritage.


Only a glance is needed to immediately admire the beauty and attraction of this enticing area.  Es Trenc, of very fine, white sand, is the climax to the dune system which separates the Salobrar coast from the fields. The calm, crystal clear water with sandy or algae covered bottom is suitable for people of all ages.  Every year this beach attracts thousands of tourists.  It is most likely one of the main symbols of the town of Campos and an essential part of its tourist attraction. The perfect choice to disconnect on a dreamy beach during vacation in Majorca.