Campos festivals and traditions

Featured below are some of the Campos festivals and traditions:

Fairs in Campos

  • Fira de Maig: livestock fair, commonly referred to as la fira de ses vaques (the cattle fair).  The reason for the use of this expression lays is the water the mills extracted from the underground wells, which caused a turning point in Campos’s history. The irrigation crops and a prosperous farming industry grew (especially with the dairy industry which converted Campos in one of the main milk producers throughout Spain.
  • Fira d’octubre: trade, craft and sobrasada fair, with food sampling and activities related to local gastronomy.  This fair is very traditional in the island. Raw, cured cold meat elaborated from selected pork meat, spiced with salt, paprika and black pepper. 

Festivals in Campos and Sa Ràpita

  • Mare de Déu d’agost festival, the 15th of August
  • Sant Julià, the 9th of January (patron saint of Campos). During the festival of Sant Julià the first bonfires of the winter festivals are lit.
  • Festes de Sa Ràpita, weekend of the Mare de Déu del Carme (July)

Campos festivals and traditions

Market in Campos (all year)

The Campos market is held all year:

  • Thursday market (farming and crafts)
  • Saturday market (farming and crafts, trade, and second-hand market)

Market in Sa Ràpita (July and August)

  • Wednesday and Saturday market (farming market)

Artnit de Campos (August)

The streets, shops and cultural art centres of the town provide all type of artistic projects.  Art, gastronomy, music, cinema, photography and fashion go hand in hand during one of the most special nights in Campos.

Sa Voltadora (May)

A day dedicated to antique and vintage bicycles, including a non-competitive race and rural outings in the town of Campos to enjoy its gastronomy and wines.